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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Politicking of sickist kind by member of Opposition

THE EDITOR: With the horrific murder of a dear member of the community we have the emergence of not letters of condolence but letters that can be viewed as obscenely political. The murders by domestic violence or just straightforward homicidal attacks on females in TT continue to horrify us all. It is reported that 40 women have died in these terrifying circumstances.

The male of the species in TT appears to be extraordinarily mentally disturbed and in my view there is need for social monitoring of our male children from early childhood. When a female member of the Opposition calls for answers from the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, one shudders at the naked politicking during this time of anguish for all females. The inference is opportunistic politicking of the sickest kind. Could the call to the PM and minister not have waited for another two days in sympathy for the distressed relatives and indeed the entire community?

Also, where was Womantra when that poor woman and the little boy were murdered in the East? What about the naked body of the female worker found in the river? Where, again, was Womantra? Womantra stands accused of only surfacing when it can jockey some extra minutes of social media fame because the unhappy victims are high-profile women. Where was the Opposition when women were being murdered between 2010 and 2015 when it was in government? What remedy did its members have then and what remedy have they to offer today to convince us that they have pertinent and effective ideas for protecting our women?

How is it possible to console the relatives of the bereaved?


Diego Martin


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