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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Man shot dead during attempted robbery

Relatives of an 18-year-old man shot dead by a security guard on Thursday night during an attempted robbery are looking for someone to come forward and tell them what really happened, as they are getting several stories coming out of the matter.

“We are hearing all kinds of stories,” said one relative who did not want to be named, “we don’t know what to believe”.

Police said at about 6.30pm, Tyree Charles of Demarara Road, Arima and another man attempted to rob the Play Whe outlet at the corner of Prince Street and Broadway. The security officer saw what was happening, and attemtped to stop them. Charles drew a gun and fired at the guard and when the security guard returned fire, Charles was shot several times about the body, while his accomplice escaped.

However, relatives are saying this was only one version of the story which they received.

“We are hearing that it was a security guard, then we heard it was an ex-police officer, and we are also hearing that it was some bald-headed man.” said relatives at the Forensic Science Centre yesterday, “We are hearing all kinds of things but police are not saying anything to us.”

Relatives told Newsday Charles was originally from Wallerfield but spent a lot of his time at his grandmother’s house in Malabar. The teen was the eldest of two boys and would have celebrated his 19 th birthday on September 27. Charles’ father died while he was very young, leaving his mother and his two grandmothers to take care of him. His family members told Newsday that he was a loving child, but had gotten into trouble with the police before. They added that he was a quiet individual who would keep his emotions to himself.

An autopsy confirmed Charles died from multiple gunshot wounds.


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