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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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‘Fling’ killed at Siparia

Exactly 40 days after his close friend and neighbour was shot and killed, Moruga father of one Ricardo “Fling” Duntin, 36, suffered the same fate on Thursday night.

South Western Division police found his body, with gunshot wounds to the head, slumped in the driver’s seat of a B15 car in Siparia.

Duntin, of Samuel Cooper Road, Fifth Company Village, Moruga, was the neighbour of 24-year-old Brian “Happy” Warren, a security guard. Warren, who is also his cousin, was gunned down in his Allied Security Services uniform on July 29 near Samuel Cooper Road junction .

According to police reports on Duntin’s killing, shortly after 10 pm police on patrol received a report of an unknown car parked at Murray Trace, Siparia. Police went to the location and found Duntin’s body. The car’s lights were on and its transmission in the drive position with the engine still running. The area was bushy.

At the family’s Moruga home yesterday, his brother Makesi Duntin said he was perplexed as to the reason why his brother was in Siparia “in the first place”. Duntin worked as a private for hire driver but previously owned a palour, now operated by a relative.

“I want to know what he was doing so far down there in the first place. I never know him to be in any kind of thing (meaning any illegal activities).”

Makesi said his brother often stayed elsewhere but frequently visited “home”.

Only on Thursday night, Warren’s relatives held a prayer service at his house to mark the 40th day of his death. Earlier in the evening, Duntin was seen in the community.

Another neighbor, Marvin Ravello, 47, was shot at Sixth Company, Moruga, on August 17 last year.

Police were unable to confirm yesterday if any of the three killings of the neighbours are connected. Homicide Bureau Region III are investigating.


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