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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Answers needed on Sandals


THE EDITOR: Keith Rowley and his PNM administration have hit the panic button and are now in desperation mode.

The recent revelations of the ferry fiasco have brought no comfort to the Prime Minister as the conduct of senior administration officials is now in question.

The admission by the vice president of Bridgeman’s that his company is in possession of two irrevocable letters of credit (which can only be voided by his company) for his vessels gives the impression that they have already been paid.

This is contrary to the port/ministry assurance that this transaction has not cost the Government a cent.

This disaster, as horrendous as it seems to be, will no doubt pale into insignificance with the brewing Sandals scandal. It is said a government official has been incessantly communicating with officials of Sandals to influence them to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) by September 15.

This official must tell the population what are the terms and conditions of this MOU, which Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will want to use as his great success in the upcoming Budget.

The official must say whether the Government will be guaranteeing a loan of more than US$500 million, or $3.5 billion, for the construction of the 800-room resort.

The official must also reveal the amount of mangrove and wetlands which will be affected to construct a state-of-the-industry golf course.

The official must also indicate whether Sandals demanded the construction of a new airport to service the complex and who are the landowners surrounding the new airport.

This government official must quantify the amount of tax concessions to the group over a 25-year period, given the information that Sandals will not be using any of its monetary resources.

And finally, for now, the official must indicate if Sandals/Beaches qualified from an open tender process or whether it is the favoured choice of the Government.

We eagerly await September 15.




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