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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Man Callaloo at Queen’s Hall

A scene from The Making Of The Perfect Trini Man.

RS/RR Productions comedy Man Callaloo….The Making Of The Perfect Trini Man makes its final stop in Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s from today till Sunday.

The play features Nikki Crosby, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Penelope Spencer, Aaron Schneider and Bradley Logan. It is directed by Debra Boucaud Mason and Richard Ragoobarsingh.

Man Callaloo….The Making of the Perfect Trini Man is about a young, successful business woman whose lover has recently walked out on her. Depressed and disillusioned she decides on a very unconventional method of finding the right man. So she literally casts her net and begins dating not one, not two but three men, all of different backgrounds and dispositions and falls in love with them.

What happens when everything begins to crash in on her, leads to colossal comic mayhem that will have audiences in stitches of laughter.

For more info: RS/RR Productions on Facebook and Instagram.


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