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Sunday 22 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Let us do our part to preserve inheritance

THE EDITOR: We need a multi-generational approach to preserving TT for our future generations. The environment, the institutions, the culture and the opportunities that we met and benefitted from must be available to others that come after we are gone.

As a citizen of TT inheriting this land to enjoy is our birth right. We must all therefore be mindful of how we treat with the natural, human, infrastructural, financial and other resources available to us as citizens.

There are too many hidden economies that profit from the destruction or abuse of our resources. One example is the atrocious level of illegal quarrying taking place across the country and yet many quarries continue to operate unregulated.

This type of activity carries with it a high stench of corruption at various levels and the end result is that it continues to damage our natural and social environment.

The scarlet ibis, our national bird, is maybe on the verge of extinction because a few sick-minded gluttons have apparently acquired a taste for it. The birds are now allegedly on sale in the hidden economy at three for $100.

The once phenomenal sight — and major tourist attraction — of the scarlet ibis’ evening routine of gathering in Caroni has deteriorated from hundreds of birds to less than ten on a particular day, as recorded by a recent documentary. Our institutions also need to be guarded for the generations ahead as they form a major component of our culture. Social, financial, political, religious and other institutions must be preserved as we seek to leave them better than we met them.

The People’s National Movement (PNM), for example, stands as the longest existing political institution and has served the country for over 60 years. Since independence, led by Dr Eric Williams, the PNM has fought every election and in preserving it there is much to learn about our politics and history.

We all remember the tears and public outrage with the demolition of the historic Greyfriars Church of Scotland, built in the 1830s, on Frederick Street, Port of Spain. The Citizens for Conservation NGO did their best to stop this unfortunate destruction of our historic inheritance but the unpatriotic prevailed.

Let us all do our part to preserve and guard our inheritance. Young people have a critical role to play in demanding that the elders preserve their inheritance.

TT belongs to all of us as our birth right so let’s guard and preserve it.



St Joseph


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