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Friday 17 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Is human race destroying itself?

THE EDITOR: The human race is destroying itself at an alarming rate, and according to a well renowned scientist we have only 100 years left here on earth. We need to find another planet to live on otherwise the human race will be extinct. Apparently the two main offenders which are destroying earth are oil and its byproduct of plastic. Petrol and diesel expelled from the exhausts of vehicles are causing many respiratory diseases and these forms of illnesses are growing at an alarming rate throughout the world, especially in congested towns and cities.There is now an alarming amount of plastic drifting in the oceans all over the world many in the form of bottles , other utensils and plastic granules which are also now found on many beaches even in uninhabited areas of the Pacific ocean.

A large quantity of the plastic is broken down into minute bits which are absorbed by fish ,birds,and turtles.

Many of these animals, including whales, die of starvation as they have absorbed so much plastic that there is no room left in their stomachs to gather any wholesome food.

These affected animals soon die and if caught are in many cases entering the human food chain. It is now predicted that human being will start dying at a younger age . It is perhaps too late to stop the what is likely to happen to the human race in the near future.

GA Marques

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