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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Education intervention

Underperforming 2017 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) students will be assessed to determine issues affecting their academic performances.

This was announced by Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, who said students who received less than 30 per cent in the exam will soon undergo psycho-social assessment. The Chief Secretary, who is also Secretary of Education, Innovation and Energy, said the initiative will help determine deeper affecting the students’ ability to excel academically.

He was speaking at the August 30post Executive Council media briefing at the Administrative Complex in Calder Hall.

“The justification for that is simple, so that any problems they may have, that can impact on their learning in schools. We can treat with those early by way of the appropriate intervention,” Charles said.

He said the assessments would be conducted through the principals of the schools to which the students have been assigned.

“The Student Support (Department( has been mandated that they have to track these students throughout their school life,” he added. “So we are not just doing the assessments and leaving it there.”

He said the Division hopes to boost the performances of students in the long term.


Talks are being held with a foreign university in a bid to “deepen” the choices for tertiary education in Tobago.

This was revealed by THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, who said the island is seeking collaborations with US institutions to provide post-secondary education.

“We are currently in discussions with a consortium of universities from the United States with a view to have them partner with us in respect of widening our choices of subjects at the tertiary level,” Charles said.

He said the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) will be used as the” foundation of an integrated university in Tobago”. The THTI was transferred from the Division of Tourism, Culture, and Transportation to the Division of Education, Innovation, and Energy.

Art competition opens

It’s time for the Office of the Chief Secretary Art Competition 2017 once again.

The contest allows Tobago’s secondary school children a chance to showcase their talent, with the 12 finalists earning a spot in the Chief Secretary’s Calendar 2018. The winner will receive $3,000, and his/her school will earn $10,000 towards the schools’ art programme. The other finalists will get $1,500.

The competition is open to Tobago students only, who are allowed just one entry. All artwork must be submitted by October 27 at 4 pm to the communications director, Office of the Chief Secretary.

For further information, call 639-4321 (ext 5047) or email tha.infodept@gmail.com.


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