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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Bon Air man wants HDC to spare his garden

It has been nine years since Samuel Piggott settled down at #9 Technology Park, Bon Air, and in those years he has planted over 25 different vegetables and fruit in a lot of land behind his house.

Now, Piggott is an unhappy man as he said his precious garden would be destroyed by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) because of a series of town houses being built behind the Bon Air High School.

“They are running lines and pipes, and so on, about ten feet into the ground. Now, they said they have to pass the lines through the garden and, if they do so, it would damage all the fruit trees and so on,” Piggott said.

He told Newsday he spoke with several officials from the HDC and explained the situation about two weeks ago. He said they promised to return but have not done so to date. He also said while he lived on HDC property, the lot of land belonged to him.

“The workers said they got instructions to go ahead.

The guys are reluctant to run the lines and they are holding off as long as they could so I could save my plants. I had no prior notice and they didn’t come to the neighbourhood at all. No one was advised about this construction.”

Several attempts to contact managing director at HDC Brent Lyons went straight to voice mail. Attempts to leave a message were unsuccessful as a recording stated Lyons’ mailbox was full.


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