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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Students motivated to set goals

Two representatives from the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development were invited to speak with Form Three students at the Signal Hill Secondary School’s Motivational Sessions on “Setting and Achieving Goals.”

Nigel Phillip, Gender Officer in the Gender Affairs Unit of the Division, encouraged students to remain focused and build on their strengths.

Shermin Charles, Behavioural Services Officer at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme, spoke about goal setting and how short-term goals could be used to achieve their long-term goals – telling students this would be quite useful for their academic work.

Co-ordinator Christopher Clarke said the aim of the 45-minute motivational sessions was for students “to start their 2017-2018 academic year off with an understanding of how to set and work towards achieving their goals.” The sessions targeted 31 male and female Form Three students

who would soon be choosing subjects for CXC examinations.


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