Wipay - payment made easy

Wipay, a payment platform tailored to one’s needs, has been designed in Trinidad and Tobago for online stores. They facility was launched at the Digicel Imax Cinema in Woodbrook on Monday. Aldwyn Payne said the electronic payment platform is all about reinventing the way payments are made online.

Wipay is the first banking e-commerce payment system in the Caribbean, and some already say it is a true PayPal alternative. All the customer has to do is go to any NLCB Lotto booth and top up their Wipay account, after which they can pay for goods and services from anywhere they are once the merchants are partnered with Wipay.

Wipay gives people an easy, safe way to pay online with its prepaid virtual MasterCard.

Up to $5,000 can be transferred to customers’ Wipay account at any one time.

Derek Winford, CEO at Massy Stores is of the view that once Wipay is instituted at their stores, lines will be much shorter, and customers will be able to do their shopping much faster.

Customers will be able to go to the store, scan up to five items then proceed to in-store check-out to pay for the goods.

They will also be able to do transactions from home by scanning up to ten items, pay for the goods via Wipay, then just go to the store to collect them.

The Wipay system will be introduced at Massy Stores’ Westmoorings branch by year’s end.

Andre Aleong, CEO at Hubbox Grocery joked, “While Massy waits for the future, we have the future!”

He said his grocery is already delivering items from Chaguaramas to Cedros to customers who have been making online purchases from home with Wipay.

Kurt Hills COO, Unipet welcomes Wipay especially because he operates in a regulated environment.

He said pay at the pump transactions will shorten long lines, reduce transaction time considerably and avoid credit card skimming.

Hills said Unipet’s Flagship Convenience Centre at Lady Hailes in San Fernando will begin Wipay transactions from next month.

Also partnering with Wipay is the PTSC Coach fleet.


"Wipay – payment made easy"

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