Why no mas at CPL matches?

THE EDITOR: I have watched practically all the CPL matches and one of the things that struck me at Queen’s Park Oval was the absence of traditional Carnival mas characters at the ground, save for three blue devils sponsored by Republic Bank Ltd. At all the other venues there were characters galore, but in Trinidad, the land of Carnival, nothing.

The CPL has been giving out a US$500 prize at every single match for the person with the best costume. We had a lot of super heroes and Halloween characters, but nothing that said TT.

Millions (I saw somewhere that it is more than a hundred million) are watching these matches. You mean no one with responsibility or care for our tourism, for promoting Carnival, or for the country’s image could arrange for some costumes to turn up at the games?

It would have been free publicity and it would only have taken organising some moko jumbies, some jab jab, blue devils, dame lorraines, and so on. At the half time, they parade around the grounds and the cameras follow them — millions of viewers. The finals are about to start at the Brian Lara Stadium — will we see any? How pathetic.


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"Why no mas at CPL matches?"

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