Time for the good people to wake up

THE EDITOR: I feel constrained to make public my feelings on the brutal killing of Claire Broadbridge.

She gave her entire working life to TT.

She was the architect of the National Museum, and her love for the preservation of culture is unsurpassed.

Notwithstanding her sterling contribution some misguided person or persons felt that her blood must be shed in the sanctuary of her home and they accomplished their mission.

The moral fabric of our society has been broken for some time now and the will to repair it is nowhere on the horizon.

Is it that we have reached a level in criminal activity and there is “no turning back, no turning back.”

The most important institution in any society is the family.

We in TT have invested in almost everything, yet we have failed to invest in the fabric that makes the society.

Just where are our priorities? Remember, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

As we mourn the untimely and tragic death of Claire Broadbridge, we must and can overcome this scourge of criminal activity plaguing this society.

Wake up, good people of TT!


retired Justice of Appeal


"Time for the good people to wake up"

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