Pollard did nothing wrong

THE EDITOR: Many cricket fans are criticising Barbados Tridents captain Kieron Pollard for bowling a no-ball (whether intentional or not) at the end of the match against the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, thereby denying Evin Lewis (a fellow Trinidadian) the opportunity to score his first century in T20 cricket.

Well, I beg to differ. Simply because cricket is a very competitive sport, although it may not be as rough and fast-paced as other sports such as football or rugby. But the slow pace of the game allows for strategising and critical thinking, giving the underdogs or losing side the possibility of turning around the game and getting on top.

Pollard is a great cricketer and an even greater captain. Perhaps that is why he was chosen to be captain of one of the strongest sides in the CPL. He is certainly a fierce competitor and as such has a very good record at winning games.

So, instead of blaming Pollard for “not allowing” Lewis the opportunity to make a century, critics should ask themselves: if Lewis (and his captain was in at the time with him) was on top of his game why didn’t he try harder to reach that illusive hundred a few balls before it came down to one run to win and three runs for his century?

How many times in Test cricket have seen captains bring up the field to stop a single when the batsman is on 99 and on the verge of scoring a century? It’s called strategy and being on top of the game.

A century is not a gift the opponent gives to a batsman. One must earn it and I believe Collin Murray (cricket commentator) agrees with me. If cricket was about giving away runs or matches then why didn’t the Patriots give Tridents the match so as to make its chances better at reaching the playoffs since the Patriots had nothing to lose in this match?

Pollard, hats off to you. Continue to play the game with the spirit and high class you are accustomed to.




"Pollard did nothing wrong"

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