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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Pantin brings title

TRIPLE CROWN: Jawan Pantin, right, shows off his muscle on his way to victory in three categories at the Senior National Bodybuilding Championships last Saturday at Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s.

Bodybuilder Jawan Pantin says it is a great feeling being a positive role model in the community of East Port of Spain, as often times only negative things are said about his community.

Pantin, who resides at Nelson Street, Port of Spain, won three titles at the Trinidad and Tobago Bodybuilders Federation National Senior Championships at Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s, on Saturday night.

The 34-year-old was crowned champion in the classic bodybuilding overall, classic bodybuilding B and the men’s bodybuilding 90kgs category.

The extremely muscular Pantin said he is glad he can give the community something to be proud of.

“It feels good.

You are like a diamond in the rough because not everyone is bad who comes from places like that, it still have good people.

I am glad I can give the area a positive image,” he said.

Pantin, who trains with the Central Athletics team in Chaguanas, said he gets a lot of support from the community.

“Actually a lot of guys (in the area) support me and are proud that I am doing something good.”

Discussing his titles, Pantin said his strict diet was pivotal to his success.

“I think what gave me the edge was the dieting.

I diet real hard for it and I came out with a lot of confidence and believed that I could have done it.

I trained an hour every day for two months straight. Dieting includes 50 grams of carbs a day, eating proteins and a lot of vegetables, and just eating properly as much as I could.”

Pantin, who had to stop partying leading up to the championships, said he had to overcome some injuries before the competition.

“I had a few injuries like torn hamstrings, knee pain, slight hip dislocation, but I worked through all that and I still fought it.” The 34-year-old thanked all his supporters who helped him prepare for the championships.


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