Do your duty to save nation from the abyss

THE EDITOR: My sympathy goes out to the three Broadbridge children on the murder of their mother. I had been friends with their late parents, Bernard and Claire, since the late 1960s and admired the unselfish contributions both made to our country.

Bernard contributed to architecture, his profession, and to civil society needs through his membership of Rotary. Claire contributed to several causes, more particularly to the preservation of our heritage. They were both beautiful people.

Many voices are being raised today that bear the common theme of horror at the gruesome murder and frustration at what we can do to save our country from the abyss it faces. Amidst those voices, notwithstanding his grief, Stephen Broadbridge has struck a positive note by urging us to “take back the country from the hands of criminals.”

Many have responded in obvious frustration over the situation with the oft asked question, “But, what can we do?” As if in anticipation, Stephen answered by suggesting that, among other things, “it is time for the people to force the police, politicians and even themselves to do their job and duties.”

I lend my support to Stephen’s suggestion because I have long identified with that sentiment, noting our continuing practice of complaining about everything but doing nothing. I was once equally guilty and, in recognition of the fact that corruption was at the heart of all crime (white and blue-collar), I decided to do my duty and take action 12 years ago.

I became a member of the TT Transparency Institute (TTTI), the only local organisation dedicated to fighting corruption, and since then my $200 annual membership fee has been helping to fund its admirable work (see website: I admit that success has been slow in coming but those of us who are fighting corruption in the trenches are encouraged by the small gains and are building on them.

I know that not everyone wants to fight corruption in the trenches but everyone, individuals and companies, could and should do their duty to save our country. Each has the opportunity to make a difference by supporting the cause through membership or donations to organisations like TTTI.

I hope that the many murders have not been in vain and, if you are sitting on the sidelines, you would be moved to do your duty and take action, any action.


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"Do your duty to save nation from the abyss"

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