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Friday 17 August 2018
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Truckers continue to complain of issues on Cabo Star

President of the Truckers and Traders Association said after raising several complaints to Prime Minister Keith Rowley during a meeting at the Magdalena Grand beach and Gulf Resort, last month on July 21st about issue aboard the Cabo Star, he says some of the issues continue to exist.

The meeting was held to address issues with Tobago stakeholders such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Tobago Hoteliers and Tourism Association, the Tobago Truckers and Traders Association and the Tobago Unique Bread and Breakfast and Self-Catering Association who are being directly affected by the air and sea bridge issues.

Amede who said he expected more to come out of the meeting, said that when he raised concerns of the rats, roaches, lice, closed cafeteria, defective toilet facilities and air conditioning making the truckers uncomfortable during the 5 hour sail. He was told by the prime minister that those problems were a management issue and were to be addressed by the Trinidad and Tobago Port Authority.

Speaking to Newsday Tobago last Friday Amede said, “we are not satisfied with it (repairs) and we hope that this thing could be resolved soon.” He said that the air conditioning unit was repaired but it is not fully functional. “We have no access to cabins now and I don’t know why. I don’t know if they (Port Authority board) are using a different vessel from what we are using. They sprayed consecutively on two Saturdays. They sprayed for the mice and the outer deck. We still have roaches on the vessel but the truckers are seeking less of them.”

The CEO on the Inter-island Transportation Company explained that two fumigation sprayings were done on the 18th and 25th of August. She added, “as far as I am told by our managers the problems the truckers complained were addressed. That cannot be true because I have the certificates from the people who did the fumigating, that were sent to me. They also informed me that the cafeteria operations began on Wednesday August 30th with sandwiches, snacks and light beverages are available.”


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