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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Some helpful hiking hints

Some helpf

THE EDITOR: It is unfortunate we have lost a brother on the hiking trail.

My condolences to the bereaved family. He died doing what he loved.

I remember making that same trek in 1979. I wish therefore to offer some timely advice:

* Ensure the hiking guide is competent.

A member of the Hiking Guides Association.

Not just someone with a cutlass. Everyone is an expert.

* Ensure the hike is suitable for all.

* Communicate with the police station in the area on arrival and departure.

* Be fit.

* Wear appropriate footwear and clothing. This is not a fashion show.

* Have a map of the area and compass.

* Wear a hat.

* Use a backpack. Have your hands free.

* Wear sunglasses.

* Take along extra food, water.

* Have rain gear and extra clothing.

* Take along matches, a torchlight and a whistle.

* Have a first aid kit and a qualified first aider.

* Have a knife or multipurpose tool.

* Stick together, this is not a race.

* Maintain regular checks on all personnel.

When things go well everyone wants to take the credit. When something goes wrong nobody is responsible.

We need a buddy system. Why and how was this brother able to slip away?

We must ensure a similar accident never happens again. We all need to learn from this. My safety, your safety is our responsibility.


Princes Town


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