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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Rianna’s passion for fashion

Young people are creative, full of energy and they are always looking for ways to express themselves and one of the best fields to do it is art and design.

A key to success in this field is passion, dedication and time, once you possess these qualities, the options are limitless.

Here is 12-year-old Rianna Samlal, a form two student at Saraswati Girls Hindu College, Charlieville, an artist and fashionista. With the dream of becoming a fashion designer, Rianna dedicates all of her free time to drawing her designs.

From the time she reaches home to her bedtime at 8 pm, Rianna sits by a desk and creates her designs.

“My grandma usually yells at me to go to bed,” said Rianna “It’s like an addiction,” she giggled. Rianna has a passionate addiction to design women’s clothing as well as drawing cats. “I love cats.”

At the age of nine, Rianna started drawing, “I used to doodle in my book and my teacher saw it. She told me I should continue and that I was good.” From that day onwards, Rianna continued to draw her wild imaginations made of dresses, tops, pants and cats.

Her fashion sense stems from the most gorgeous work of local fashion designer Peter Elias to Hollywood teen actresses Dove Cameron and Zandeya.

“I just love Peter Elias designs, most of the Miss Trinidad girls wear his designs for pageants, so cool,” she exclaims. “I absolutely love designing clothes that people can possibly wear in the future.”

Amazed by the idea of having her own clothing line, Rianna is confident that she will be successful in this field. “Everyone likes my drawing and designs, my grandmother is my greatest supporter, my mom and dad as well.”

With her favourite subjects being Art and Information Technology, it is clear to see that Rianna is quiet aware of the required knowledge and has full interest in the world of fashion designing.

Currently doing only traditional drawings, Rianna said it can be a bit costly because art materials are a bit expensive.

“I really like doing digital designs but our computer spoiled so I’m just doing traditional sketching for now.”

By doing chores at home, Rianna’s grandmother, Kamla Samlal, rewards her with drawing materials.

“She will reach far in life, she is really great at what she does,” predicts the proud grandmother.


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