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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Garcia: They would look like fools

For yet another year, the Malabar Government Primary School would have a delayed reopening for the new school term. At least that is what some parents of the school believe.

The Arima school which has had several issues with the construction of a new building since before 2010, is now facing electrical problems. In 2012 the school was closed for the new term because parents did not want their children on the compound as the buildings were dilapidated. The Education Ministry constructed and installed pre-engineered classrooms which housed infants to standard three students while standards four and five remained in the concrete structure of the original school.

In September 2013, first year to the standard three students had to stay home for more than two weeks because of the previous year’s unresolved issues with the buildings. During the July/August vacation period this year, the school’s cafeteria was burnt.

When Newsday visited the Pommegranate Avenue, Phase One school, one workman was seen doing minor work. The area where the steel frame for the new school is being built, suggested no construction was done for some time as bush has overtaken most of the walking area.

One parent said, “Tomorrow (today) the parents would be protesting as we are fed up of the same thing every year.”

In response to the fears communicated by parents concerning the reopening of the school, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia said, “There is nothing preventing the school from being reopened. After we visited the Arima North Secondary School, we went to Malabar Government Primary and the contractor is doing the final cleaning work. There is no problem associated with that school.” When asked about the resumption of work on the new school, Garcia said, “I have spoken to the contractors and they have agreed to resume operations shortly.” Garcia also explained the burnt area of the Malabar school was refurbished and the school was going to be ready.

When told parents wanted to protest outside the school this morning, Garcia said, “They would look like fools.”


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