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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Branker makes her breakthrough

Flexing for the judges in the Men’s Masters category are (from left) 5th placed Cletious Julien, 2nd placed Andy Rodriguez, winner Damien George, 4th placed Wazir Mohammed and 3rd placed Dexter Littren at the Senior National Bodybuilding Championships on Saturday.

An eight-year journey of dedication, commitment and avid support culminated in two titles for St Ann’s resident Fiona Branker at the Trinidad and Tobago Bodybuilders Federation National Senior Championships at Cascadia Hotel in St Ann’s, on Saturday night.

Branker, who has never won a title while competing over the past eight years, changed that on Saturday as she won the women’s physique open title and the women’s physique overall title.

Following her success, Branker said, “It’s a fantastic feeling, I am flying super high today because it’s been a long time in coming. I have been competing for about eight years. This is my first time winning the first place trophy.”

Branker took part in the women’s physique for the past three years, after participating in the body fitness category.

The 40 year old said all the preparation over the past year certainly paid off.

“From last September until this year I really did my homework. I went back, I looked at pictures, I got feedback from judges and used my experience in weight training and bodybuilding and my knowledge as a trainer and student of nutrition and exercise. I just applied every single principle. I tried different training regimes and I just kept experimenting and my experiments clearly worked.”

Branker, who trains with Limitless Fitness at the Long Circular Mall Gym, always starts dieting about five months before a show. She said she gradually removed all the “fun” foods from her diet such as roti and cake, and when the show got even closer she had to eat strictly fruits, vegetables and protein foods.

Branker, who is also a personal trainer, said she could not achieve success without support.

“My biggest supporter this time and every time is my family. My husband and my son are my biggest supporters; my son was my partial diet coach.

“I have the greatest friends, I have the greatest clients and I have the greatest followers ever and these are all my supporters and my motivators. My dad is also such a great cheerleader.”

The other competitors winning overall titles were Zulema Charles (bikini overall), T’chelle Harris (body fitness overall), Michael Callender (men’s overall), Andre Brown (men’s physique overall) and Jawan Pantin (classic bodybuilding overall).


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