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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Bakers delight

Bakers Sanaa Davis and Kai-ann Garcia is confident the cake they’re mixing will taste great.
Bakers Sanaa Davis and Kai-ann Garcia is confident the cake they’re mixing will taste great.

If you’re ever craving a sweet treat or need to satisfy that sweet tooth, Kai-ann Garcia and Sanaa Davis have just what you need.

“We love making cakes, cookies and cupcakes with sprinkles,” eight-year-old Kai-ann tells Newsday Kids. You can find her and Sanaa, seven, baking up a storm at their home on School Street, Carenage.

The girls share a unique relationship. Kai-ann is actually Sanaa’s aunt, although they are close in age. Kai-ann and Sanaa’s mother, Kimberly Davis, are sisters. Their mother is Lou Ann Garcia. This makes Lou Ann, Sanaa’s grandmother.

The special family bond only deepens the young bakers love for each other, and for baking.

They first fell in love with baking when they received an easy bake oven as a gift. And they learned how to measure, sift, mix, knead and bake while helping Lou Ann.

Now, the girls can take orders and have baked for their family and class functions at Carenage Girls Government Primary School, which Kai-ann attends, and Pt Cumana RC School, where Sanaa goes, as well as for their friends’ birthday parties.

“We help mummy (Lou Ann) in the kitchen all the time and she showed us what to do, now we do it ourselves,” says Kai-ann, the more outspoken of the two, about their baking skills.

The girls can outshine experienced bakers, as a display of sweetbread, cookies and cupcakes they had for sale when NewsdayKids stopped by their kitchen showed. A cake was still baking.

Sanaa says although they love to bake, they do not spoil their family by making sweet delights all the time. “We only bake for special occasions at home,” Sanaa explains to make sure their treats stay in high demand.

The young bakers recently started a new venture of selling their goodies at the curb side on their street. They haven’t chosen a name for the business yet.

What they have done, impresses Lou Ann, who has been catering for years.

“I’m very proud of their innovative minds” Lou Ann says of the girls’ bake sales.

And the family stands by them, Kimberly tells Newsday Kids.

“We encourage and support them, and it’s nice to see how far they will take this venture,” she says.

Both girls love watching cooking shows like Iron Chef Jr and Cupcake Wars on Food Network and take inspiration from Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro.

“One day I would like to make a cake taller than I,” Sanaa shared when asked about what’s next for her and Kai-ann.

They also have dreams outside of the kitchen.

“I would like to be a ballerina,” says Sanaa. “And I a paediatrician,” adds Kai-ann.

Whichever path they choose, it doesn’t mean they will stop baking.

“We still want to do our baking on the side,” says Kai-ann.

They may even become internet media stars, as they plan to start a YouTube channel to show other children (and adults) how easy and fun baking can be.

I think we can all agree these girls look like they have a very sweet future ahead of them.


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