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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Take them to court


Mayor of Arima, Councillor Lisa Morris-Julian stated that it is time to make an example of lawbreakers in Arima. She said this at the August Statutory Meeting of the Arima Borough Corporation on Wednesday. She stated, “It seems as though we are being led to take certain actions and her council is prepared to do so.” She assured that her borough will not stand for corruption of any form and both small home owners and unscrupulous businessmen must be held accountable for their actions.

At the meeting, Deputy Mayor, Alderman Cagney Casimire stated “Issuing stop notices seem to be a challenge in the borough.” He added that buildings are being constructed with additions that have not been approved by the council and serving stop notices are important in taking action against owners. Building Inspector, Ian Murrell confirmed Casimire’s comments stating that residents and business owners are ignoring stop notice requests or simply refusing to come out to receive the notice. Murrell stated that only four out of the 12 stop notices which were recommended to be issued were successfully delivered to the relevant parties.

Morris-Julian expressed her dissatisfaction with this figure stating, “Four out of 12 is unacceptable. It seems as if people are not taking these notices seriously.” She further stated that this called for the council to examine why the public thinks it is permissible to ignore and officer form the Arima Borough Corporation. “Accepting these notices are not optional, it is something that must be served,” she said.

Morris-Julian stated that she believes the corporation is being forced to pursue court action against lawbreakers in Arima. “We are ready to go to court. No one will get away,” she said.

She stated that both small home owners and big businessmen must be held accountable for their illegal actions. She said, “It seems if someone puts up a shed, we are there in the morning, but when it comes to big businesses there is a problem.”

Casimire spoke of one particular business in the borough that has extended their wall onto the pavement. “On the side of Hearty Foods, there is a wall built straight to the end of the road, which allows patrons of the club upstairs to be received. The extension leaves no room for our burgesses, especially the students of neighbouring schools to use the pavements and on the opposite side there is a car park which is more dangerous for students,” he said. He called for a show cause notice to be issued to the business, as well as other businesses who are currently not upholding the building regulations of the borough.

Morris-Julian commended the Chief Executive Officer, Cheryl Sirju-Chong for her impeccable integrity and quick action which led to the arrests of two persons in the recent fraud matter. She stated, “The Arima Borough Corporation will not stand for corruption of any form, whether it is ten bags of cement or $100 000. It is not our money, it is the people’s money and we must treat it with respect.” She added that all arms of the corporation are working together to stamp out corruption.

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