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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Police run from angry crowd in Moruga

Three officers of the Princes Town CID had to beat a hasty retreat yesterday morning out of Moruga after angry residents armed themselves with sticks and stones and threatened their lives when they attempted to arrest a man whom they suspected to be carrying a gun.

One eyewitness told Newsday not even the warning shot fired in the air by one of the officers as they made their way back to the marked police vehicle, prevented the raucous crowd from still challenging the armed officers. Newsday further learnt that the unruly mob continued to taunt the officers even as they left.

Video footage of the incident has since been uploaded on social media.

According to a police report at about 9.45 am yesterday, the police were on patrol near Teesdale Road Junction, Indian Walk when they saw a man acting suspiciously. They attempted to search him. Several people who were liming nearby objected and intervened, preventing the police from executing their duty. Police said it was during that time the officers saw a gun fall to the ground from the man. They said someone in the crowd grabbed the weapon and ran off into some nearby bushes. One of the policemen chased but police said the man managed to escape. It was further reported that by then the crowd had swelled to over 30 people with several of them entering a nearby construction site, taking up pieces of wood, steel and stones and threatening the lives of the police. Some of them surrounded the officers hurling insults and cursing them, the report further stated. There were several attempts to arrest the suspect and a struggle ensued causing soft tissue injuries to the officers. One officer became fearful for his life and fired a shot in the air as they returned to the police vehicle “to avoid the confrontation.” During the melee, one officer was pulled from behind and pushed to the ground. The officers had to seek medical attention. No arrests were made.

A senior officer yesterday told Newsday that persons should desist from interfering with officers in the execution of their duties .

“Nothing is wrong with observing but actually interfering and obstruction is a no-no,” said the officer. Princes Town police are investigating.


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