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Thursday 19 July 2018
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MSJ leader: Le Hunte ought to have said he’s Ghanaian

Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah is of the opinion that former banker turned minister Robert Le Hunte had a duty to disclose to Government that he was a citizen of Ghana . Addressing a news conference at the MSJ headquarters at St Joseph Village, San Fernando , yesterday , Abdulah, commenting on the revocation of the appointment of senator and Public Utilities Minister, Le Hunte, said he must accept some blame for the fallout. “Mr Hunte is culpable of not informing the Prime Minister that he became a citizen of Ghana. He ought to have disclosed that while in Ghana he became a Ghanian citizen and also Government must have had a check list of questions to ask someone before they take up office ,” he said.

Abdulah said Government also fell short as it was mandatory to ask certain questions under the Constitution. “There are questions that must be asked such as , are you suffering from any mental illness ? Responses to these questions disqualify you under the Constitution from holding public office, so it is the Prime Minister and whoever advises him that messed up and this demonstrates their level of incompetence,”Abdulah said.

Le Hunte’s appointment was revoked just four days after he was appointed as the Minister of Public Utilities. Le Hunte, under Section 42(1) of the Constitution, is not qualified to be appointed a senator by virtue of his allegiance to another country. Abdulah said the Ministry of Public Utilities is important as it oversees policy with respect to water, electricity and telecommunications. He said within two years there have been five ministers of public utilities. “ This is ridiculous and demonstrates that the Government does not know what is doing,” he said.


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