TTTI: Disclose all facts on acquisition of vessels

The Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute is supporting the call by many for disclosure of all the facts surrounding the procurement of the Cabo Star and Ocean Flower 2 vessels to service to Tobago sea bridge.

It calls for the Public Procurement Act to be operationalised.

If there is evidence of wrongdoing to support the statements by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, the TTTI said, “those involved must be held to account in accordance with the law.”

TTTI said it was very much concerned about the inter-island ferry service matter and especially so, given Rowley’s recent reported statements on the issue.

Based on earlier reports, the TTTI said, it appeared that a process had been followed and the outcome “and perhaps quality of same, was the issue.”

Rowley’s statement, as reported, the TTTI said, “have, however, opened up questions about the process and perhaps those involved. The multiple investigations now underway will hopefully provide the answers to the issues that have arisen.”

Noting “the issues, concerns, controversies regarding the procurement of the vessels that have arisen in the absence of functional modern procurement legislation,” the TTTI said, “the Public Procurement Act must be operationalised with urgency so as to rebuild public confidence in state expenditure and place accountability on those responsible for public funds.”


"TTTI: Disclose all facts on acquisition of vessels"

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