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Monday 16 July 2018
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Driver disqualified on 3rd charge


A Magistrate yesterday took away the Driver’s Permit from a motorist who appeared before her on his third charge for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Whether Magistrate Lisa Singh-Phillip will impose a jail sentence on Kendall Noor will be known on October 18, when the 33-year-old mechanic of La Romaine returns to court. The magistrate took away the driver’s permit from Noor yesterday after he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Singh-Phillip heard from the prosecutor Sgt Martin, that at about 8.14 pm on Saturday, Police Constable Henry and other officers were on duty conducting routine checks along Cipero Road, Golconda, near San Fernando. Noor who was the driver of a vehicle, was stopped and officers detected a strong scent of alcohol and subjected him to a breathalyser test. The results revealed he was over the legal limit by 35 microgrames.

Noor’s attorney Kern Saney, pleaded for leniency, saying, “My client is not a heavy drinker; he was drinking because he was celebrating something. He was unaware that he was over the limit.” Singh-Phillip decided to give Noor the opportunity to mitigate himself by attending Alcoholic Anonymous and Arrive Alive sessions.


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