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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Build tunnel or new road to Chag

THE EDITOR: Many citizens are against the building of a billion-dollar highway to Toco and plans to construct a port there to access Tobago.

Most of us will still continue to take the ferries from Port of Spain to Tobago or fly on CAL from Piarco. So why make this very expensive mistake?

Bird watchers, environmentalists and tourism professionals have come out against destroying the habitat, beauty, and quaintness of Toco. Why not consider repairs and widening the Toco roads and bridges, then building wooden cabanas to encourage eco-tourism in Toco, advertising that area to would-be visitors.

Maybe the money could be spent instead in Chaguaramas.

The only road to that part of the island, which has existed since the 1930s, is the scene of daily roadblocks both ways. That is also where the Defence Force headquarters are located.

Lots of money have been spent developing Chaguaramas to encourage entertainment activities there. There are restaurants, hotels, a petting zoo, amusement park and boardwalk, a military museum, boat industries and water sports.

However, no thought has apparently been given to improving access to Chaguaramas. Surely, the first priority should be building a tunnel through the mountain or a new road, which will encourage tourists and locals to visit the area.


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