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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Ramlogan detained

Anand Ramlogan
Anand Ramlogan

Ten police officers with siren blaring yesterday executed a search warrant at the Palmiste Villas home of former attorney General Anand Ramlogan SC and ordered him to make his premises be made available to them so that the search warrant could be executed.

Ramlogan and his wife Nalini Ramlogan looked on at officers search for documents as part of an on going investigation into alleged Perversion of the Court of Justice.

While this was taken place shortly after 6 am Ramlogan children Aniel and Schweta were waken by the present of the police officers and sat close to their parents as the search was being carried out.

Ramlogan cell phone was ceased but he was able to contact his Attorneys Pamela Elder SC and Gerald Ramdeen.

Ramdeen who lives a stone throw away from Ramlogan’s home rushed to the former attorney’s home, identify themselves and was able to speak with Ramlogan after the police completed their search.

The police activities at Ramlogan’s home lasted a mere 20 minutes and after speaking with his attorney he was allowed executed to an unmarked vehicle and taken to the Police Administration Building.

On arrival at the police Administration building Ramlogan was executed to one of the floors of the building where he was met by a team of police officers lead by AG Deputy Commissioner Harold Phillip.

He was informed that he was a suspect in a police investigation and asked to co-operate with investigators.

Ramlogan informed the officers that he had nothing to say until he was briefed by his attorneys.

Almost one hour later attorney Ramdeem and other attorneys asked to meet with Ramlogan but only Ramdeen and another attorney was allowed to meet with him.

They were later met by Senior Council Pamela Elder at around 11.50 am.

Sources reveal that Ramlogan was interrogated for several hours and only answered questions when he was given the all clear to do so by his attorneys.

Shortly before 4 pm Ramlogan stopped answering questions posed to him prompting investigators to return to the office of the DPP for further directions.

A team of lawyers remained in the lobby of the police Administration building hoping to see Ramlogan walk out of the building.

UNC supporters took to social media to condemned the action of the police an to lend support to Ramlogan.

Ramlogan detention stemmed from a police probe into allegation levelled against him that he contacted Head of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) David West regarding a witness in a matter involving then Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.


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