Bridgeman’s VP to attend JSC


Bridgeman’s Services Group Vice President Andrew Purdey wrote to the Joint Select Committee on Land and Physical Infrastructure to confirm that he will appear at its inquiry on the procurement of two vessels to service the sea bridge.

The Secretariat of the JSC wrote to Purdey last week via e-mail requesting him to attend.

In response Purdey gave a commitment to attend one of the four hearings inquiring into the operations of the inter-island ferry service and more particularly the procurement of the cargo vessels, the Cabo Star and the passenger vessel, the Ocean Flower 2. The contract which had been awarded to Bridgeman’s was cancelled due to its failure to deliver the Ocean Flower 2 on time.

He said, he was willing to be cross examined and to provide documentation to clear his company’s name.

Sources revealed yesterday that all those contacted by the JSC so far have said they are willing to cooperate except former chairman of the board of directors of the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT), Christine Sahadeo.

The JSC e-mailed asking Sahadeo to attend one of the four hearings but she has not yet given a commitment.

The inquiry will be held over four days with hearings in both Trinidad and Tobago.

The inquiry is one of four investigations into the acquisition of the Cabo Star and the Ocean Flower 2.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has also commissioned businessman Christian Mouttet as sole investigator to investigate the procurement of the vessels, while Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan has requested that the PATT provide him with a report of the issue. That report, according to Sinanan is due by this weekend.

The Integrity Commission has also been asked to investigate the issue by former transport minister Devant Maharaj.


"Bridgeman’s VP to attend JSC"

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