La Forest pleased with Guaya’s success in Super League

Ron La Forest, coach of TT Super League Division One (League One) leaders Guaya United, is pleased with the team’s unbeaten start to the 2017 season.

Entering yesterday’s game against neighbours Club Sando Moruga, Guaya had a tally of 29 points from 11 matches – nine victories and two drawn results.

Asked how he feels about the team’s form thus far, La Forest, in a recent interview, responded, “Good. The reason being the people who are around (the club) right now are people who I enjoy working with. And they also enjoy working with me too.

“I’m taking some of the kudos because the players are responding to me.”

The former national striker and men’s team assistant coach (under Bertille St Clair) pointed out, “It’s a community team and you know when a community is behind you, the players have to play for them also. I could do my part as the coach but when the players go out there, they have to play also for the community.”

La Forest resides in Diego Martin, but he stated that the regular commute to Guayaguayare is something he has no problems with.

“It’s something I enjoy,” he said. “It’s 150 miles, it’s something I get immune to. I take my time and go down.

“(The club management) present me with a nice vehicle with diesel, and comfort, so it’s not a problem with me going down there because I enjoy that. In terms of the teaching, I enjoy teaching.”

He went on to add, “I believe in challenges because my football knowledge is (like) a gospel. And I enjoy saying it.

“When they did call upon me, I wanted to work. In Trinidad, no place is too far for me. This wasn’t no challenge for me. It’s something I wanted to do also.

With Glenton Wolfe, Carlon Hughes and Kevin Jagdeosingh in the team’s ranks, how have their experience factored into proceedings? “We have a unit,” La Forest replied. “Seniority is a big part. The experience, with the youth, I think we blended it up as quick as possible. And the youths (are) responding to it.”

As far as the remainder of the 2017 local football season is concerned, La Forest said, “We’re trying to win this League. If the FA (Trophy) comes by, whatever Cups come by, we’re taking it one step at a time.

“But the main objective that we’re trying to fulfil is to win the League for the community.”

He is also high in praise for the response the team have gained from their fans.

“It’s the most supportive community you can expect in football,” said La Forest. “Anywhere the team goes they go with them, even to Tobago too. They take the boat, they take the plane, they come up and support the team.”


"La Forest pleased with Guaya’s success in Super League"

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