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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Trini nuclear scientist makes mark in Ontario city


One year ago, Dr Aba Bowles-Mortley was the Old Hilarians Association’s honouree for her accomplishments and commitment to excellence in the international community.

The nuclear scientist who resides in Kingston, Ontario, with her husband, Canadian Ted Bailey and their four children ages two to eight, had been appointed for one term, until December 31, to the inaugural board of directors of the Tourism Kingston (Ontario) Board made up of representatives from the community and city council.

The board sets the strategic direction for the Tourism Kingston Organisation, the destination marketing organisation for the city. It undertakes tourism marketing and development initiatives to ensure that Kingston remains a destination of choice for visitors from all over the world. Tourism marketing activities are directed towards promoting the competitive advantages the city holds in areas of leisure, travel trade, meetings and conventions and sport tourism.

As a young university undergraduate, Bowles-Mortley volunteered with an organisation called Youth Diversion Programme and continues as an active member. One of Youth Diversion’s mandates is to help at-risk youth and give them a restorative approach to be better people.

In June, Bowles-Mortley received the Distinction of Service Award from the Province of Ontario, Canada, for ten years of volunteerism in its Youth Diversion programme.

Accolades already bestowed on this “nuclear” woman in this programme include the Andrea Van Blaricom Volunteer of the Year Award, Youth Division, Kingston, Ontario in 2006, Volunteer Service Awards for five-year service and dedication as a volunteer in Ontario in 2010, and member of the Youth Justice Committee designated by the Ministry of the Attorney General in 2011.

It is an alternative to formal proceedings under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

A police officer or crown attorney can request that a youth participate in the programme instead of going through court.

The committee is selected out of a panel of volunteers who are interested in working with young people and who support the programme’s philosophy. The aim is to include people who reflect the diverse composition of the community.

As a director of The Herbarium Limited, founded by her mother Cheryl Bowles, which manufacturers Cher Mere natural personal products in TT, Bowles-Mortley is responsible for the introduction of the Cher Mere INatural line specifically created for natural hair grooming.

In 2013 this “millennial” woman opened Cher Mere Canada and runs spas in Kingston, Ontario. More than half of organic shoppers are millennials with children. Parents 18 to 34 represent the largest group of organic consumers in the United States.

It was on Bowles-Mortley’s recommendation that Cher Mere enhanced its organic line to cater for this trend.

“I am now carrying the flame and my goal is to internationalise the brand,” Bowles-Mortley said.

The first four products recently launched in Bowles-Mortley’s new line of products using Trinidad cocoa, moringa and charcoal, called Spa Naturals, are a cuticle crème and three masks all 100 per cent natural with no chemicals.

“We will roll out other products, such as, body oil, massage oil and advanced skin treatments in this line,” Bowles-Mortley said. “The men have not been left out as a treatment for beards is in the pipeline.”

Without difficulty, the nuclear scientist swings into explanation of her use of, “Trinidad cocoa which is the best quality in the world for the chocolate mask… It is rich in antioxidants which is beneficial as an anti-aging product for rejuvenating the skin and reducing the wrinkle bandwidth.

“All parts of the moringa plant are beneficial for the moringa mask, which purifies the skin and is also rich in antioxidants, natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It’s a gorgeous skin mask for all types of skin.”

Bowles-Mortley continued, “And finally, the charcoal mask detoxifies the skin, reduces impurities so pores look smaller and is great for oily to combination skin which may have blemishes and dark marks.”

Bowles-Mortley wears numerous hats, yet enjoys being healthy and staying fit through running, boxing and astanga yoga. She is a firm believer that “all work and no play makes one a dull person” having participated in the ING Ottawa Half-Marathon; Beat Beethoven run and the Wolfe Island 10K Classic Run.

All this and Bowles-Mortley still finds time to be a hands-on mom and is about to take her children on a Canadian vacation road trip.

What next is in store for this nuclear Trini millennial?


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