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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Vessels must give value for money

THE EDITOR: The time has come for the Government to take a serious look at the vessels being sought to service the sea bridge between Tobago and Trinidad.

As a citizen I am not convinced we are getting service for the money we are putting out (too many problems).

This is causing inconvenience and loss of money by the business sector and leading to citizens being disgruntled, something we can do without.

We need to really look further and get more experts involved in locating suitable vessels that will give us value for our tax dollars.

It is better we spend more for the best than to be suffering like this. While this may take some time in the long run it will pay better dividends.

I understand that many people in Tobago are having a rough time due to the problems with the sea bridge, but we cannot throw away money.

I hope a solution will be found soon.


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