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Sunday 22 July 2018
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Police hunt for kidnapped cousins

Officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit (AKU) of the TTPS yesterday combed several areas within the Eastern division in search of a 16-year-old and his 14-year-old relative who are believed to have been kidnapped on Wednesday.

According to reports, Dale Lutchman 45 of Oropouche road Sangre Grande, along with Brandon Sam, 16 and Darryl Lutchman 14, were reportedly kidnapped on Wednesday morning while at Oropouche road Sangre Grande. Early yesterday Dale Lutchman was released in the same area he was allegedly kidnapped. he was unable to give any useful information to the police except to confirm that his son and nephew were kidnapped. He could not say where they were taken.

According to reports at around 10.30 am yesterday morning, Lutchman's mother Ria Lutchman received a phone call from a man claiming to have her son and nephew in his custody. The man demanded that she pay a ransom of $350,000 for their safe return or the teens would be killed.

Officers of the AKU were up until late yesterday afternoon searching for the teens where Dale Lutchman told officers that the missing officers were told to be located.


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