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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Inspector’s wife granted bail but still in prison

A total of $150,000 in bail was granted to Princes Town housewife Tinisha Gosine-Ramdass who appeared in court on Wednesday before a Princes Town magistrate who read to her 440 charges of money-laundering, document falsification and larceny amounting to over $2 million. The charges were read in a marathon session which began at 1.15pm and ended just after 8.30 pm.

However, Gosine-Ramdass was unable to secure bail and was remanded into custody.

She was taken to the Women’s Prison in Arouca where she spent Wednesday night. Yesterday, relatives returned to the court to secure the bail which was granted only upon approval of the clerk of the peace. The charges stemmed from investigations by the Fraud Squad.

Newsday learned yesterday the bail was again not secured up to 4 pm yesterday and Gosine-Ramdass, who is the wife of Police Inspector Darryl Ramdass, spent another night at the prison. Inspector Ramdass had also appeared before Misir-Gosine charged wit the illegal possession of eight macaws and was granted bail in the sum of $25,000.


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