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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Former murder accused gunned down

The blood stained cushions on the chair where Darryl Vincent was sitting when she was shot dead on Tuesday night at his Golconda, San Fernando home.

While eating a pack of peanuts in the gallery of his home at Golconda, San Fernando on Tuesday night, gunmen shot and killed former murder accused Darryl Vincent, 49.

Only about two months ago, Vincent was released from prison having served a term for robbery and gun-related charges, police said.

Shortly before 10 pm on Tuesday, residents of Ridgewood Gardens heard several explosions followed by the screeching sound of a vehicle leaving the street and contacted police.

Members of the Southern Division and Homicide Bureau (Region III) found Vincent’s body with gunshot wounds slumped on a chair. Peanuts were scattered. Vincent, who was shot “at least nine times”, lived alone.

When Newsday visited the scene, bloodstains were seen on the chair and peanuts on the ground with an empty peanuts pack.

Forensic pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov, at the Forensic Science Centre at St James yesterday, recovered two types of bullets from the body.

Police said Vincent had a “very long criminal record” although, up to last evening, investigators were unable to ascertain a motive for the killing.

He was charged with the May 7, 1997 murder of Rio Claro resident Raffick “Mickey” Kabul, 61. However, in June 3, 2003, he was acquitted before Justice Paula Mae Weekes in the San Fernando High Court.

Kabul, of Clear Water Gardens was beaten and strangled in the bedroom of his home.

In 2009 then High Court judge Herbert Volney placed Vincent and another man on a bond, charged with armed robbery.


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