Sinanan, Hinds, Young to appear before JSC


Government Ministers Rohan Sinanan, Fitzgerald Hinds and Stuart Young are to be summoned before the Joint Select Committee of Parliament which will meet on September 4 to carry out their inquiry into the procurement of the Cabo Star and Ocean Flower 2.

Sources today revealed that the secretary of the JSC will be sending out the requests to the three ministers to appear before the committee.

The JSC will also be summoning former chairmen of the board of the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, Christine Sahadeo and Nyree Alfonso, and former member Ferdie Ferreira.

Former transport minister Stephen Cadiz will be requested to attend.

Sources revealed yesterday that Michael Annisette, President General of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union will also be invited to share information with the JSC.

Sources said yesterday that the JSC, chaired by Independent Senator Chairman Stephen Crease, will travel to Tobago a few later after to hold a similar inquiry.

At that meeting, former head of the Public Service, Reginald Dumas will be given an opportunity to have his say on the ferry fiasco.

Sources also said that Vice Chairman of Bridgeman’s Services Group will be given a special invitation to tell his side of the story at the JSC inquiry when it is convenient to him either in Trinidad or Tobago.

Purdey has indicated publicly that he is willing to tell all to clear his company’s name.

When contacted Sinanan, the Works and Transport Minister said, he was willing to appear before the JSC if he is requested but will have to be guided if he can do so, and what he could divulge if he attends.

He said he will also be guided if his appearance before the JSC could be conflict of interest.

At the end of the JSC meetings, he said, the recommendations of the committee will have to be sent to him for him to act within a 60-day period.


"Sinanan, Hinds, Young to appear before JSC"

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