Roget hints at boycott of GML

The labour movement yesterday hinted at a possible boycott of Guardian Media Limited (GML) as it condemned GML for the recent retrenchment of workers from the media group. Speaking with reporters after a four-hour meeting between Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and labour representatives at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair, Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) leader Ancel Roget said the labour movement considers GML to be, "a part of the one per cent for which we are fearlessly treating with."

Earlier this month, Roget said the JTUM and other unions will be calling on their members to boycott one per cent of the businesses in the country which they deem to be anti-worker. In response to a Guardian reporter's question, Roget replied, " Yes, we consider them to be anti-worker." He said it was possible GML could be "first among the list" of one per cent businesses to be boycotted.

He claimed the Trinidad Guardian, "is listed among those who are leading an onslaught against workers and trade unions in this country." Roget further alleged, "The newspaper itself through its editorial is condemning us for making statements for which we have a right to make." However he countered, "We have a right to speak as they have a right to write and we will speak as long as we choose to exercise that right."

Roget said GML has been sending home workers "as a means of reprisal" to the efforts of the Banking and Insurance General Workers Union, in defence of those workers. Describing the Guardian as, "the jamette of St Vincent Street," Roget declared, "No two by four, petty little house slave that is an editor will censor the trade union movement." He warned GML that it was, "provoking a fight which they would not win."


"Roget hints at boycott of GML"

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