Ferry enquiry to be confirmed

The enquiry of the Parliament's Land and Physical Infrastructure joint select committee (JSC) into the circumstances surrounding the procurement of the Ocean Flower II and Cabo Star vessels for the domestic seabridge is still to be confirmed. Sources have said the JSC will hold a hearing into this matter at Tower D of the Port-of-Spain International Waterfront Centre on September 4 at 1 pm. The committee, which is chaired by Independent Senator Stephen Creese, is expected to meet in-camera before holding a public hearing which will be televised live on the Parliament Channel. The hearing is also expected to be streamed live on the Parliament's YouTube channel and broadcast simultaneously on the Parliament's radio station, 105.5 FM.

However checks yesterday on the Parliament's website showed that this JSC is yet to confirm September 4 as its date to hold its hearing. As of yesterday, the Gambling Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Bill, 2016 JSC is the first committee that will hold any kind of meeting in September. This JSC will meet in camera at Tower D on September 5 from 10 am. After that, the Human Rights, Equality and Diversity JSC meets in camera on September 8 at Tower D from 10 am.

Newsday was advised yesterday that logistics for the Land and Physical Infrastructure JSC's September 4 hearing are being worked out. Sources said requests for various individuals to attend the hearing have already been sent out. At a news conference at the Magdalena Grand Hotel in Tobago, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley welcomed this JSC's enquiry into the seabridge, together with probes by Cabinet appointed investigator Christian Mouttet and the Integrity Commission. Rowley said Government will cooperate fully with this JSC and he expects other stakeholders will do the same. Mouttet is due to submit his report to Rowley in 30 days time. The Prime Minister said he believed that something crooked had happened with respect to the procurement of the Ocean Flower II.


"Ferry enquiry to be confirmed"

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