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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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‘Devil’ to stand trial

23-year-old Shawn Coa aka 'Devil' was committed to stand trial yesterday for his alleged role in the murder of prison superintendent David Millette in 2015

Despite the filing of a no case submission form yesterday on behalf of murder-accused, Shawn Coa aka 'Devil', a Port of Spain Magistrate ruled that there was sufficient evidence in the matter for him to stand trial.

Coa's attorney, Criston J Williams filed the form yesterday citing irregularities in the testimony of witnesses and inconsistencies in evidence submitted. However Acting Chief Magistrate Maria Busby Earle-Caddle overruled the no case submission and ruled that based on the testimonies together with evidence gathered that there was sufficient evidence for Coa to stand trial at the Port of Spain High Court.

After consulting Williams Coa said that while he was willing to call a witness to the trial to testify in his defence, he would exercise his right to remain silent for the remainder of the proceedings.

Coa was arrested and charged in 2015 for the murder of his neighbor and prison superintendent David Millette outside his home in First Caledonia, Morvant.


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