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Monday 11 November 2019
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Letters to the Editor

More ferry woes for Tobago

THE EDITOR: It has been drawn to my attention that the passenger ferry the T&T Express was inordinately delayed in Tobago yesterday morning.

It was scheduled to depart from Scarborough at 6.45 am but at the time of writing (11.15 am) it had not yet left the port. If even it left by noon it would have arrived at 4 pm, which is totally unacceptable and it may not have been able to make the return voyage yesterday.

I was informed the delay was caused by a failure to get the vessel’s engine started.

This delay frustrated many nationals who were in Tobago for the Great Race weekend and resulted in the stranding of many who had to make alternative arrangements.

In addition to this delay, the situation was compounded by a backlog at the ANR Robinson International Airport.

People in Trinidad were also in a quandary as the Port Authority was in no position to advise them on when next a sailing was scheduled out of Port of Spain.

Tobago is now essentially cut off from Trinidad because of the continued incompetence and ineptitude.

This latest failure comes on the heels of the Prime Minister’s meeting in Tobago to treat with the collapsed sea bridge that was a result of the failures in procurement of the Ocean Flower 2.

The T&T Express, along with the Cabo Star and water taxi, are the only vessels in operation on the sea bridge. The water taxi is not designed for the Tobago crossings and the Cabo Star is already plagued with a number of issues.

This administration — headed by a Tobago-born Prime Minister — that campaigned on a ticket of good governance and transparency has continued to bungle and botch the Tobago sea and air bridge connections without taking responsibility. The Prime Minister continues to protect the line minister who has only distinguished himself in making excuses and passing the blame.


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