Missing hiker found dead

Missing hiker, Richard Baird, who was found dead.
Missing hiker, Richard Baird, who was found dead.

Richard Baird, who was reported missing after a hiking expedition to the Aripo waterfall on Saturday has been found dead.

According to reports, Baird and 59 other hikers left Mt Poui Road, Aripo to trek five miles into the forest to spend the day at the picturesque waterfall. Head of the Fitness Walkers Club, Mario Russel said they arrived at the waterfall on schedule and spent the day taking photos, eating lunch and bathing.

Russell said the hikers were organised into nine groups and Baird was placed in the last group to journey from the waterfall back to Mt Poui Road. Baird, he said, began complaining of cramps. Russell said at one point Baird removed his shoes to complete the journey. He said despite some of the setbacks, the hike went well on the way to the waterfall, but on the way back he believes Baird may have slipped on a rock and fallen down a precipice. He said it was not until 5.30 pm that he realised Baird was missing.


"Missing hiker found dead"

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