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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Tim criticises Garcia again

Former education minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh yesterday scoffed at Education Minister Anthony Garcia's assurance last week that all schools will be ready for the start of the new academic year. In a statement, the Caroni East MP claimed Garcia's performance on this matter has been "extremely deficient." According to Gopeesingh, more than 25 schools were closed at different times during the last academic year because of maintenance issues.

He reiterated his claim that the Education Facilities Company Ltd owes approximately $1.2 billion to contractors. Gopeesingh also boasted that the former People's Partnership built 104 schools (including 67 early childhood care and education centres, 21 primary and eight secondary schools). He called on Garcia to ensure there are no cutbacks in the School Feeding Programme.

Gopeesingh also called for the re-launch of the Computer Laptop Grant, Schools’ Textbook Programme and After-School Homework Centres.


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