Ramdeen accuses state of disinterest in Children's Fund inquiry

A date has been set for the inquiry into the Children's Life Fund Authority (CLFA), this was decided by Justice Nadia Kangaloo in the Port of Spain High Court yesterday. During yesterday's hearing, attorney Reginald Armour SC, acting on behalf of the state requested additional time for filing affidavits in the matter, however this was met was protest from Ramdeen who said that the failure of the state to file the affidavits in a timely manner was 'unsatisfactory' as the notices were served more than three weeks ago.

"More than a month has gone and I have no affidavits from the State. I am prepared to prepared to continue without the affidavits. I am for the applicant in this matter and three weeks have gone by since the serving of the fixed form. There is also the issue of the timeframe, for instance if the state files the affidavit on Friday, when is the matter going to be heard?"

Armour responded by saying that the state was seeking the court's cooperation in having the necessary files submitted by Friday for the latest and said that both he and his associates were taking the matter very seriously.

"My team and I have been working very hard in reviewing documents and statements submitted before the court so it's not a question of the state not taking the matter seriously."

Kangaloo agreed that Friday was a reasonable date by which the affidavits should be filed and said that the matter was one of public interest. The trial is expected to begin on September 24.


"Ramdeen accuses state of disinterest in Children's Fund inquiry"

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