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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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BPTT windball night cricket lifts Mayaro

SPORT in the community of Mayaro and environs has received a boost with the return of the popular BP Trinidad and Tobago Mayaro Windball Night Cricket League after a two-year hiatus.

The league has been sponsored by BP Trinidad and Tobago since 1999, and its resurgence has been warmly welcomed by the community which always turns out in large numbers to support their favourite teams taking part in the male and female divisions of the league, round-robin and knock-out competitions. This year the competition is managed by Mafeking Superstars Sports and Cultural Club.

Joel Primus, Community Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations Adviser, BPTT, spoke at the re-launch of the league in April.

“The BPTT Mayaro Night Cricket League has always allowed communities across the south-eastern region to unite in a fun atmosphere.

It also presents a platform for young people especially to come out and demonstrate their talent in a friendly, yet competitive, environment. Our support for this league shows that BPTT remains committed to the development of Mayaro and its citizens, especially through the investment in human capacity development in areas like education, culture and sport.”

Playing a major role in the cricket league is the All Mayaro Sports Foundation, a community-based organisation, which has been charged by BPTT with the responsibility of guiding sports development in Mayaro and environs. Orchestrating the resurgence of the night cricket represents the first project undertaken by the group.

According to the Foundation’s Chairman, Bartholomew ‘Bunny’ Lynch, “It was great to see the return of the night cricket and this and the other sporting initiatives are a mechanism for the upliftment of the community. There are myriad benefits, including the engagement and empowerment of young people, bonding of the community, and even a platform for entrepreneurial growth.”

The league is also supported by companies operating in the community such as Hydro Tech Limited, National Energy Corporation, Shell Trinidad Limited, Laing and ZOR Services Limited.


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