Search continues for missing hiker

The search continues for Richard Baird, 56-year-old Rousillac man who went missing during a hike to the Aripo Waterfall on Saturday.

Baird was believed to have fallen down a precipice while on the way back from the waterfall. Hikers, along with Arima police officers went back to the hiking trail from as early as 6 am on Monday to retrace their steps and search the precipices in the area, hoping that he would be found. After they checked and realised that he was not in any of the precipices a wave of hope swept over the search party.

Mario Russell, head of the Fitness Walkers Club, said yesterday that this was good news.

“This means that he is not injured, but he is lost and is moving,” Russell said.

He added that the search party was now against the clock as Russell would be dehydrated, malnourished and exposed to the harsh elements of the forest.

The search party is expected to continue trekking through Aripo until he is found.

At about 5.45 am on Saturday, Baird was among 59 people who took part in the trek from Mt Poui Road to the Aripo waterfall – a 3-4 hour hike one way.

The entire party was split up into nine groups. Baird was in the last. During the hike, he complained of getting cramps and at one point had to take his shoes off to continue the journey.

Despite the setbacks Baird made it to the waterfall, but sometime during the trek back to Mt Poui Road, he went missing. Hikers realised that he was missing at around 5.30 pm, and conducted a search that went until midnight on Saturday. Police were alerted at about 1.30 pm on Sunday.


"Search continues for missing hiker"

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