Man shot dead by police in Moruga


Police shot and killed a gunman minutes after he shot another man after a party in Moruga early yesterday morning. Kevin Stafford of Tarodale, Ste Madeleine, died on the spot while the man he shot, identified as 29-year-old Kevon Charles of Bois Jean Jean, Moruga, is a patient at the San Fernando General Hospital in stable condition. Charles was shot in his leg. According to a police report, at about 7am yesterday at Basseterre Moruga, Stafford and Charles had an altercation.

Investigators said Stafford pulled out a gun, shot at Charles and attempted to run. Police, who were nearby, responded and chased Stafford who continued to run. Police say he was shot after he pointed a gun at them. He died on the spot. When Newsday visited Moruga, villagers were in high praise of the police.

“You came to a party with a gun, that means you looking for trouble,” said one resident. She thanked the police for their quick response.

“I am not sorry to say this, but this is one less criminal off the streets. What if he had killed that man? This man came looking for trouble.” She said too many criminals kill and hurt innocent people and get away with their crimes.

“So many mothers are left crying and with no justice. My point is what are you doing with a gun in a party?”

The resident said minutes before he was killed, Stafford was overheard saying, “I eh fraid no police.”

“He tried to run. But the police got him and all you hear was bow bow, then next thing you see his body on the ground.”

Charles’ relatives told Newsday he left home to attend the party and then they later received news that he was shot. The relatives said they are still trying to find out why Charles was shot but are thankful he is alive and recovering.


"Man shot dead by police in Moruga"

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