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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Valencia taxi driver stabbed to death

Murdered taxi driver Stephen Nero.

RELATIVES of a 43 year-old taxi driver was stabbed to death on Friday night is pleading with the TTPS to find the perpetrator(s) responsible for his death.

Dead is Stephen Nero, a father of one from Denny Road, Valencia.

According to reports at around 8pm on Friday residents of Hamilton Road, Wallerfield heard a commotion and called the police. Officers arrived to find the body of Nero lying outside a car with multiple stab wounds to the upper back. Police say that it appears that Nero put up struggle and after he was stabbed he ran away and collapsed.

Sunday Newsday was told by family members they believe Nero was lured to his death. One of his sisters Christine Granderson said her brother normally finished working at around 5.30pm on Fridays because he practiced the faith of a Seventh Day Adventist.

"He always stop working around 5pm or so. He was seen all day yesterday (Friday) with a female friend of his (that) he was dating and it didn't seem as though he worked yesterday (Friday ) because my other siblings said they saw him around Arima with the same individual during the course of the day." "My brother is a humble and kind hearted person and always willing to help those in need. He was not known to the police and was not involved in drugs or criminal activities. I don't know why someone would want to take his life. They took him from us. He was such a joyful being ."

Another sister Sharon Nero said while fighting back tears recalled a time when she was getting her daughter's school supplies in the Arima borough and her brother called out to her. She said that she would never forget the smile on his face.

"I love my brother so much. He is with God now and will be surely missed. Those who have committed this gruesome act will have to answer soon."

Investigations are continuing.

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