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Monday 16 July 2018
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No Explanation for Delay in Results


One week after the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency (CAPE) Results were pushed back, students were left with more confusion as the Minister of Education (MOE) announced that they would “hopefully” be released on Friday night. This was after an announcement by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Friday 12 that the results will be released on Friday 18. No explanation for the delay was given by MOE or CXC and many parents and students remained with uncertainties about the future.

Students took to various social media platforms to voice their concerns. One major concern was the receipt of results by the Ministry on Monday last, however, students who were awaiting their results had to wait until the following Friday to receive them.

Speaking to MOE’s Chief Education Officer, Harelal Seecharan he stated, “The ministry has gotten an accrued database but it is not suitable to release to students.” He explained that the ministry received the database of results late Monday night and it is only for analysis purposes. “They tell us how many students passed subjects and it has information on all the students who did the exams so we cannot release those.”

He further explained, the process for issuing individual results is through an online system administered by CXC and the ministry has no control over it. “We spoke to CXC earlier this week and asked if they could release the results to Trinidad and Tobago earlier, however they were unable to,” Seecharan stated.

When asked about the week-long delay, he stated, “We have received no official explanation from CXC. They have indicated that there have been some challenges in completing the process, but you will have to get the specifics from CXC.” He added that MOE would distribute the hard copy results to schools when they receive them from CXC but that will take place after the online reading of results.

Newsday attempted to obtain an explanation from CXC’s Assistant Registrar, Public Information and Customer Service Representative, Cleveland Sam, he however stated that he was not in a position to respond to our questions on the matter. He consequently told Newsday to send an email which he would forward to the relevant parties.

Seecharan was also asked about the speculation by studies on their social media platforms to which he responded, “We will leave that as just speculation.” Rumours involving the delay included shortage of electronic markers, test paper marking not being completed and even test papers having to be remarked.

He stated that electronic marking, though a new implementation of CXC, is not a new process and CXC would have done their research and put the necessary measures in place to ensure accuracy.

He also added that local and regional universities maintain contact with CXC and would have been aware of the situation. He also believes that foreign university applicants may have an issue with deadlines but, “Once the universities are made aware of the situation there should be some consideration on their part.”

Students took to CXC’s Facebook page to voice their concerns, overally they were displeased with the disorganization and the lack of explanation provided by the regional examination body.


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