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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Father cries for justice for 16-year-old murdered son

The murder of Jesse Beepath, a 16-year-old boy from Roystonia, Couva ,whose body was found at the back of his school in Waterloo, Carapachaima, after he went missing for two days in March this year, has still not been solved by homicide detectives probing the matter.

While police continue their investigation, relatives are asking whether or not the investigation has come to a standstill. The teenager’s father, Shakar Beepath, pleaded yesterday for some closure in the murder investigation, asking that either the police expedite the matter as best as they can, or that the culprits for the heinous murder step forward.

“Jesse, was a likeable fellah.” said Beepath, “He is not violent. He is funny and humble. He loved videogames. If my son’s killer is still out there, he could do this to someone else and take a child from another family. My son is already dead and I cannot do anything about it. But please, if anyone has evidence that could bring my son’s killers to justice, please come forward and help the police.”

Reports suggested that Jesse was last seen entering a silver coloured car on March 20, two days before his body was found at the back of a school in Waterloo, where he attended.

But Jesse’s father told Newsday that he did not believe the information that was given to the police. He believes that his son was killed at the back of the school, then an attempt was made to hide the body in the box drain where his body was found

“When I heard that he got into a car to travel, I knew that it was a lie,” said the father, “Because he does not travel. I would pick him up and drop him off everywhere he wanted to go. Even if he did get into a car, how did he end up at the back of the school”

Beepath told Newsday on the day he went missing, Jesse accompanied his sister, who was doing exams at the same school. He did not have any exams himself, but he went to the school to lime with friends. He was later seen accompanied by three other boys, as they went to a market to buy a few things. The father told Newsday that he received information from witnesses that he was later accompanied by three other boys going into a track that led to the back of the school where, Newsday was told, students would usually gather to lime.

The father believes that it was around this time Jesse was killed. The boys in question were detained by police and interrogated, but they were later released, pending further investigations.

After days of searching by a team of friends and family members they found his body still in his school uniform.

His face had been bashed in with the sleeve of a cradle arm, which was also found at the scene.

An autopsy later confirmed that he died from blunt force trauma. Newsday was told that he was hit on the side of his face with the heavy object.


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